The 9 Hottest Female Movie Villains

Why are villains so attractive? Is it because they do what the rest of us wish we could? Is it their confidence? Or do we just identify with their f*cked up psyches and see in them as hotter, more evil versions of ourselves? Female villains have been smoking up the big screen since the dawn of film, often using their appearance as their greatest weapon. Here are nine of the hottest female movie villains.

1) Elle Driver – Daryl Hannah – Kill Bill

What’s hotter than a sexy nurse? An evil sexy nurse. (Okay, so she’s not actually a nurse, she’s an assassin with perfect hair.) Elle Driver makes having one eye and whistling seem hot. That’s incredible.

2) O’Ren Ishii – Lucy Liu – Kill Bill

Tarantino knows his sexy villains. O’Ren Ishii is terrifying and cute at the same time, with one of the best movie entrances in history to boot. She cuts a dude’s head off just to teach everyone not to f*ck with her. Badass.

3) Harley Quinn – Margo Robbie – Suicide Squad

Who knew someone could look so adorable while delighting in taking a life? Harley Quinn is definitely going to be the Halloween costume of 2016.

4) Emma Frost – January Jones – X-Men First Class

People have mixed feelings on January Jones’ acting skills, but I find her natural — shall we say, frostiness — appealing. I also love that she dresses like a character in an arctic version of Austin Powers and one of her powers is letting men think they’re getting it on with her as she actually sits across the room bored as hell.

5) Xenia Onatopp – Famke Janssen – GoldenEye

A true femme fatale, Xenia Onatopp seduces men with her incredible looks and then squeezes them to death between her thighs. Jesus Christ that must involve a lot of Thigh Master.

6) Serleena – Lara Flynn Boyle – Men in Black II

Serleena is an evil, shape-shifting Kylothian queen whose human form is a lingerie model that looks like Lara Flynn Boyle. If you can shape-shift, that’s definitely a solid choice. She’s evil and ruthless, killing anyone who stands in her way and often eating them alive (which does result in a pretty disgusting food baby).

7) The Devil – Elizabeth Hurley – Bedazzled

It makes sense for the Devil to look like Elizabeth Hurley, because then you’d do whatever she wanted! If the Devil was walking around like a big red guy with horns, we’d all be like “no thank you”.

8) Terminator – Kristanna Loken – Terminator III Rise of the Machines

She’s a killing machine with an angel’s face and perfect bone structure… and is definitely hotter than the Arnold version. Sorry, Schwarzenegger.

9) Catherine Tramell – Sharon Stone – Basic Instinct

Catherine is a bisexual sociopathic murderer who seduces everyone she comes across and uses their murders as inspiration for her novels (or vice versa). I can’t include the most famous clip from the movie in this article because it shows a little bit of vulva. Wow. Sharon Stone’s been famous for 20 years of fame because of a half second of vulva. That’s impressive.

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