The 8 Best Music Videos That Take Place in High School

I love music videos. Half of my daydreams are just imagining that I’m actually in a music video. After I watched Hayley Kiyoko’s new video about 150 times, I realized that there are a lot of great music videos that take place in high school. Here are eight of the best!

1) “Baby One More Time” – Britney Spears

Duh. “Baby One More Time” is the ultimate high school music video and nothing will ever top it. It launched the career of one of the biggest stars of our lifetimes and the daydreams of millions who wished their school was like a Britney Spears video. I want all her outfits and those pink fuzzy things for my hair ASAP.

2) “You Belong with Me” – Taylor Swift

This video is so cute and features all the high school touchstones — football games, cheerleaders, spirit t-shirts, the band, prom, and not having your hair figured out yet. It’s quite prescient that Taylor Swift plays both sides of her personality in this video. Is the real Taylor Swift the sweet girl in the bleachers, or the conniving back-stabbing bitch? You decide.

3) “Fancy” – Iggy Azalea ft. Charli XCX

Forget how we all feel about Iggy now — if this video inspired even one person to go back and watch Clueless, it’s all been worth it.

4) “Don’t Let Me Get Me” – Pink

Although this video is afflicted with lots of early 2000s bad and unnecessary CGI, it’s the ultimate dream of everyone who got made fun of in high school — a few years after you graduate, you come back a superstar and blow everyone away (although in my dream concert at my high school I would not be wearing white girl dreads).

5) “Gravel to Tempo” – Hayley Kiyoko

So many gay teen feels. Hayley decides to just be herself and thus turns the mean girls gay with the power of her dance moves — every baby gay’s deepest dream.

6) “Lip Gloss” – Lil’ Mama

This video has the lesson of Space Jam told through lip gloss (please tell me you remember the lesson of Space Jam). The editing, special effects, and clothes are all to die for (oh, and the lip gloss, of course).

7) “Teenage Dirtbag” – Wheatus

A sartorially challenged Jason Biggs pines after Mena Suvari, whose boyfriend is a 40-year-old Ken doll who somehow became a high school student. Meanwhile, the lead singer of the band wears a fisherman’s hat and semi-sunglasses throughout the entire video, showing us where his teenage popularity problems probably came from.

8) “I’m Not Okay (I Promise)” – My Chemical Romance

If this trailer was a real movie, it would be a classic right now. “I’m Not Okay (I Promise)” is a true emo standard for the misfits out there. I’m not and never have been emo — no offense to the lifestyle, I couldn’t pull it off — but I assume this is how it feels.

What’s your favorite music video set in high school? Did I miss any great ones? Tweet at me @erikaheidewald!

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