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I’m on and I’m obsessed. I’ll admit it, I was slow to get on board because it sounded like a huge waste of time, and it still might be! But it’s a really fun huge waste of time. Everyone wants to feel like they’re in a music video so it’s a service that makes dreams come true. That said, when you’re on enough, you start to see some patterns in the type of users it attracts. Two-thirds of the users are girls and most users are under the age of 18, but there are many more specific archetypes to be found. Here are seven of the types of people you’ll see on

1) Raunchy nine-year-olds

dancing kid png

Every time I open the app I see some nine-year-old doing body rolls while lip syncing to Rihanna. It’s disturbing. I get that nine-year-olds are in an unfair position, because they want to sing along to songs too, but there are exactly zero cool songs about being nine.

2) Twins

twins girls jpg is REALLY into twins. Especially twins that wear matching outfits and have identical hairstyles. I’m into it though for real. Twins are so cool. It’s like looking at one person… twice.

3) “Gangsta” white girls

Kristen Hancher png

Since hip-hop and hand signs are popular on, there are a lot of white girls acting like they grew up in East St. Louis. We need some real gangstas to get on and BLOW EVERYONE’S MINDS. (Also, full disclosure: I picked Kristen Hancher for this because I feel more comfortable making fun of people who are successful but I actually think she’s really good.)

4) Really good dancers

girls dancing jpg

And you thought was nothing but a bunch of talentless weirdos lipsyncing to Drake, THINK AGAIN. There are actually a ton of incredible dancers there, both kids and adults, amateurs and professionals. has about a million ten-year-olds who are better dancers than I ever will be, and that is terrible for my self-esteem.

5) People trying unsuccessfully to be funny

Jacob Sartorius jpg

Most of the comedy on — like most of the comedy on the internet in general — is not very funny.

6) People you’ve never heard of who have 10 million fans

top musers png

People have really become stars on and it’s wild because you’ll have never heard of them, even though they have ten million fans, 500,000 Instagram followers, a Nike deal, and a mansion.

7) People who are surprisingly really talented

violin guy png

There are a lot of good videos on, featuring interesting camera work, good editing, and even this dude with sick-ass violin skills. I know, it’s shocking. I’m as surprised as you are. All right I gotta go, there are new videos on the featured page to look at! Byeee!

What kind of people do you see on ? Let me know on Twitter @erikaheidewald, and also follow my account with my girlfriend, @realerikaandfrida. @erikaandfrida was taken by two ten year olds. I will follow you back if you post good sh*t.

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