The 7 Most Relatable SpongeBob Memes

Surprised Patrick

Throughout the years, we’ve seen some classic SpongeBob-related memes. With the newest SpongeBob meme hitting the internet, Caveman SpongeBob, I thought it would be a good time to reflect on all the SpongeBob memes we’ve lived through. SpongeBob is probably the most quotable show out there (the “Band Geeks” episode is a cinematic masterpiece) and deserves every meme it’s created. Let’s relive some of the most relatable SpongeBob memes!

1. Surprised Patrick

Surprised Patrick

This picture of Patrick Star being, well, surprised circulated pretty fast. This meme saw a .GIF with a surprise ending, and surprised Patrick reacting to it. Not only was he surprised, but you were too!

2. SpongeBob Licking Things

SpongeBob Licking Things

From a picture of a model to a picture of a cake, SpongeBob will lick anything, and we’re always like, “Haha! I agree SpongeBob! I too would totally lick that!”

3.Blurred Mr. Krabs

This amazing meme is still popular since gaining traction in April. We can use blurred Mr. Krabs for anything — mom walks in and you haven’t started your homework? Blurred Mr. Krabs. When you burp and accidentally fart? Blurred Mr. Krabs. This will outlive us all.

4. Sleeping Squidward

In two screencaps, Squidward is asleep and then he is awake. People have used it to describe how fast the year is going or when you realize you have homework you haven’t done. Sleeping Squidward perfectly captures the feelings of every person who simply forgets to do things. Thank you for your service, Sleeping Squidward.

5. Choking Mr. Krabs

These meme describes every angry feeling in just one image. Anytime you’re incredibly mad at something, Mr. Krabs choking is there for you to post.

6. Shrimp Walking Away

shimp spongebob memes

You could use this shrimp when you’re just done with everyone and everything. This shrimp walking out the door, just like all these other memes, is too relatable. I understand this shrimp, I know this shrimp and its troubles. Keep walking shrimp. Keep walking.

7. Caveman Patrick

To go along with his buddy Caveman SpongeBob (more formally known as Spongegar), we have Caveman Patrick. The newest meme in the vast SpongeBob meme collection, Caveman Patrick is relatable in that we too get excited about simple things like finding out your crush is single or hearing out favorite song at a party.

Which SpongeBob meme do you most relate to? Let us know on Twitter @Smosh!

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Surprised Patrick
shimp spongebob memes

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