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The 30 Most Outrageously Expensive Dog Breeds People Can Own…

Take a look at the following pooches, revel in all their cuteness, but do yourself a favor and don’t be too disappointed if it turns out you can’t actually afford them! It’s okay, most people wouldn’t be able to afford them either, because these are some of the most expensive dog breeds you could ever own. But who knows, maybe, if you’re lucky, one or two will be within your price range (or are just so cute you just have to have them).

In this list of the most outrageously expensive dog breeds, I will be discussing the cost of these breeds in terms of the initial buying of the dog, the cost of grooming and their healthcare costs. You may be shocked at just how much you could have to spend just so that you can have a nice canine addition to the family…

30. Yorkshire Terrier

If you’re desperate for a Yorkshire Terrier or two, they’ll set you back about $600, which may seem like a lot, but it’s nothing compared to the cost of dog breeds further down the list! Yorkshire Terriers are fairly common, so I’m guessing their good qualities must outweigh the downside of them costing so much! Another reason they’re so expensive is a lot to do with their health maintenance. Yorkies are an unlucky breed in terms of their health. They’re vulnerable to developing hypoglycaemia which is when blood sugar levels drop suddenly. The estimated total of healthcare costs for a Yorkie over its lifetime is $9,800. Are you prepared to pay that much?

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