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The 20 Youngest Self-Made Billionaires In The World, And How They Made Their Fortunes…

We’ve heard plenty about millionaires – they’re all in Hollywood and all over our front pages. But how many billionaires do you know? Not many right? Then you probably know even fewer under the age of forty. It may seem unbelievable that someone could have earned such a great amount of wealth, having lived just a few decades… like there’s a one in a billion chance of it ever happening! But there are a lucky few who have what it takes to become a young billionaire.

Needless to say, most of these young billionaires amassed their wealth through founding or cofounding a company that eventually went onto enjoy a massive amount of success. But what were their ideas? How did they get their businesses off the ground? Which gaps in the market did they fill? How do you go from not having a million to your name, to becoming a self-made billionaire? Well, get to know 20 of our planet’s youngest billionaires and you will find that you need drive, determination and ambition, qualities that they have in spades…

How Did These Young Billionaires Achieve Their Fortunes?

But really, how on earth were they able to do it – earn such a phenomenally huge sum of money? Well, here are a few tips: if you have a good college friend or a sibling that you’re close to – they’re probably your best bet to start a company with as some of our billionaires have demonstrated. Also, don’t be afraid to fail, if if you do, learn from it! One more thing: starting a company at college or just dropping out of college altogether seems to have worked out for one or two of our youngest billionaires…

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