The 10 Best/Weirdest Legendary Skins From 'Overwatch'

There is plenty to talk about with Overwatch, the ridiculously acclaimed FPS that blasted our world right in its stupid face just a few weeks ago. A small army of unique, appealing characters peppers the Overwatch landscape, and, because in-game purchases are just a thing that are always going to be a thing, each boasts a set of Legendary skins. Some of them are rad as hell, and others are head-scratchingly weird, so here are 10 of the weirdest and most awesome Legendary skins from Overwatch.

Junkrat – Hayseed

legendary skins hayseed

Junkrat is already frightening in a “tweaker who makes too much eye contact” sort of way, but this Legendary skin bumps him up to haunted house levels of creep. Equip his Hayseed skin, and not only will Junkrat become the spitting image of a certain Batman villain, his trademark tire will also become a big ol’ bale of hay. Come on, man, you can be as creepy as you want, but that’s just a fire hazard. Do you know how flammable you’ve made yourself?!

Pharah – Thunderbird

legendary skins thunderbird

Some of the Legendary skins have come under fire for a tendency to mix-and-match cultural backgrounds for optimal badassness and/or appropriation (your mileage may vary). Take, for instance, our dear Pharah, billed as Egyptian yet boasting an admittedly rad skin bursting with Native American totemic flavor. I’m not asking for a lesson in geography in my bang-bang-shoot-’em-ups, but come on, guys, same hemisphere maybe?

Reaper – El Blanco

legendary skins blanco

I know that once this game hit the shelves, you were all clamoring to kill people while cosplaying as something out of Grim Fandango, and by golly, you got your wish. If you don’t believe me, might I draw your gaze to the SKULL-GUITAR strapped to his back? Look, I’m not saying I look for father figures from my games, but if I were to start, I would start with this guy.

Roadhog – Sharkbait

legendary skins sharkbait

Sometimes, you just want to have one of your coolest-looking characters throw a shark on his head and call it a day. There’s also a cute lil’ treasure chest atop his shoulder where his tire tread usually is. We still couldn’t do anything about his nightmarishly large belly button, though? Can we get a patch for that? It’s looking right at me, is the thing.

Soldier: 76 – Daredevil: 76

legendary skins daredevil

Soldier: 76, while effective, is still one of the more bland characters in Overwatch. That’s why making him one of America’s most beloved stunt-ridin’ daredevils is a stroke of genius. Of course, I’m talking about Super Dave Osborne, as Soldier: 76 clearly only uses genuine Saskatchewan sealskin bindings in his sweet suits. Snake River Canyon, here we come!

Symmetra – Devi

legendary skins devi

This skin might have caught Blizzard some flak from the Hindu community for reducing the goddess Devi to a video game costume, but hey, unlike Pharah up there, at least Symmetra is actually from India, right? Small victories.

Torbjorn – Deadlock

legendary skins deadlock

They have biker gangs in Sweden, right? Or maybe Torbjorn is just a dead ringer for Tobias Funke’s favorite Leather Daddy getup. Either way, Torbjorn gonna do what Torbjorn gonna do. And that’s, uh, build automated turrets and hit them with a tire iron to make them better? The point is, he’s gonna do it in STYLE.

Winston – Safari

legendary skins safari

Donning what looks to be the attire of F. Murray Abraham’s character in Jumanji, Safari Winston looks like he’s ready to go out hunting for himself. Or maybe like he’s about to charter a boat on the Jungle Cruise.

Zarya – Industrial

legendary skins industrial

In Soviet Russia, Skinny Puppy listens to YOU!

Zenyatta – Sunyatta

legendary skins sunyatta

I’m not sure what’s more problematic — the fact that there’s another geographical paradox with the Nepalese Zenyatta donning Egyptian garb, or the fact that he’s the spitting image of Ra from the SolarCity commercials. In fact, no, that’s not problematic, that’s just awesome.

What is your favorite Overwatch skin? Let me know on Twitter!

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