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Teacher Finds Touching Note From His Student On His Desk, Internet Weeps

Being a teacher is one of the hardest jobs I can imagine. I certainly couldn’t do it. Plenty of people are tempted to work in education thanks to the tantalising of long holidays and the opportunity to work with kids, But in practice the job entails a hell of a lot of work. Our public educators are under more pressure now than ever to deliver results and get their pupils decent grades, and the friends I have who are teachers take it incredibly personally when their charges don’t make it.

This week a fifth grade teacher was left incredibly emotional after one of his students left the most adorable note of all time on his desk. In fact, @mainey_maine, who also goes by Mr. J, was so moved by the note that he decided to share it with his Twitter followers.

What he didn’t expect, however, was for his tweet to skyrocket its way into internet fame. In just three days, his original tweet has racked up hundreds of thousands of likes and favourites from people across the world. It turns out that having your heart ripped out from your chest does have some benefits after all, if only in the sense of internet fame and strangers telling you how great you really are. Who knew?

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