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Swedish animator and sculptor Alexander Unger, aka Guldies,…

Swedish animator and sculptor Alexander Unger, aka Guldies, recently unveiled his latest stop-motion animated short video entitled GOING FISHING, in which he carefully sets up camp and goes fishing, all atop the desk in his bedroom. This wonderfully creative 3.5 minute video is comprised of 2500 photos played at 18 FPS.

“After months of hard work GOING FISHING is finally here. I have never worked so hard. The animation is filled to the brim with new stuff I’ve never tried before. I animated with branches and leaves, paper, clay, fabric, fishing lures, forks and stones and moss and EVERYTHING I could think of.”

Follow Alexander Unger/Guldies on Instagram and YouTube for more animations, tutorial videos, and other delightful art projects. 

[via Reddit]

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