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Surreal Sunday is the perfect day to go visit and pose for…

Surreal Sunday is the perfect day to go visit and pose for selfies with the Shark Girl in Buffalo, NY. Seated alone on a rock beside the Buffalo River, she’s the creation of artist Casey Riordan Millard


“Millard has been painting Shark Girl, who’s been featured in almost all of her work, since 2004. It’s Millard’s first public sculpture, funded by a $6,000 grant through Cincinnati’s Arts Ambassador Fellowship in 2013. Shark Girl spent a few years posing for photos on the Ohio River, before making her way to Buffalo in August 2014. The sculpture was refurbished in 2015 and placed in Canalside, a historic district and once the western terminus of the Erie Canal.”

Head over to Atlas Obscura to learn more about this wonderfully strange piece of public art.


Photos by Tom Loonan

[via Atlas Obscura]

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