'Super Mario Run' Coming in December, Will Cost SO MUCH MONEY (for an App)

We’ve been in uncharted territory since Nintendo announced Super Mario Run for the App Store back in September. Until then, every single Mario game had appeared on a Nintendo console. And therefore, every Mario game had been priced like a Nintendo game, not an app. With Super Mario Run being both, what the hell was it supposed to cost? Today, Nintendo gave us an answer, announcing that Super Mario Run will launch for iOS devices on December 15th and will cost ten — ten — American dollars, along with dropping this new trailer:

Seeing Mario on an iPhone is still weird. It’s like seeing Jason Bourne in a Sunday comic strip.

The pricing of this game has us all wobbly. It’s a lot for an app — which usually cost between zero and one dollars — but very little for a Mario game — which usually costs between 29.99 and 54.99 dollars. What am I to do with that discrepancy?! Is Super Mario Run a good deal or not?! Am I supposed to be mad or overjoyed?! CAN”T SOMEONE ON THE INTERNET TELL ME HOW TO FEEL?!

super mario run suicide squad
Oh how I long for the days of Suicide Squad, when everyone knew that bad things were bad.

Ultimately, if we break down Super Mario Run and a traditional Mario side-scroller, there’s only one major difference — Super Mario Run removes the player’s ability to control Mario. He just runs and runs and runs, and we cannot stop him. Is choosing when and where the little guy goes worth an extra 19.99 to you? It sure would be to a lot of frazzled moms!

“I told you to stay out of that power plant! If you have super powers, so help me god–“


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