Steve Carrell Has Become Something of a Sex Symbol and Twitter is Thirsty

While his comedic performances across television and film have remained immensely popular with audiences, “sexy” is not the first word you would jump to when describing Steve Carell. Regardless of how attractive he is in real life, his characters are often sadsacks, losers, downbeat wasters or idiotic try-hards. It’s not exactly the most physically desirable set of attributes, even if it has had us rolling on the floor laughing.

The movies in which the actor is involved in romance or sex of any sort tend to be ones where his talents and general appeal are called into question. The 40-Year-Old Virgin sees him trying and failing to kick-start a love life that has been empty for decades, while Crazy, Stupid, Love saw his character having to be taught the basics of dating from the sex symbol that is Ryan Gosling.

Yet over a career of 26 years, Carell’s roles have slowly changed, with the actor turning in stellar performances in award-winning movies such as Foxcatcher and The Big Short. As his career transforms, so is the actor himself. Now in his mid-fifties, Carell has become a silver fox – something the internet definitely wasn’t ready for

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