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Squirrels are very exciting creatures. We all know this. But…

Squirrels are very exciting creatures. We all know this. But Obvious Plant is here to remind us that even the cutest, fluffiest, pudgiest squirrel is no reason to abuse an emergency exit.

This warning sign is just one tear-out page from the new Obvious Plant book: Have You Tried Yelling – Prank Office Signs to Post at Workcurrently available here.

“Working that 9 to 5 can be a drag. That’s why I made this book of tear-out office signs. Entertain your coworkers with 23 different signs that are guaranteed to make that office life a little more fun. Place them on the water cooler, in the bathroom, or anywhere else around the office that makes sense.”


For even more fun with prank signs that you can tear out and post for the amusement of yourself and others, order a copy of another awesome Obvious Plant book: High Five This Sign.

[via Pleated-Jeans]

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