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Squirrels are trouble. It’s bad enough that they insist on…

Squirrels are trouble. It’s bad enough that they insist on scampering about completely naked. Some of them have such a serious sweet tooth that they’ve resorted to shoplifting. That’s right, squirrels are naked thieves.

A family owned and operated convenience store in Toronto has repeatedly been the victim of squirrel candy thieves for going on five year now. The Kim family has even caught the culprits on video sneaking in, grabbing a candy bar, and then making a break for the door.

These naughty squirrels are so quiet and fast that, by the time anyone has noticed, they’re usually already out the door with their chocolaty loot and heading across the street. The Kim family estimates that they’ve lost about 40 chocolate bars so far, which might sound like a big problem, but we can’t help thinking that 40 candy bars over 5 years implies that these squirrel are probably really good at portion control.

To keep up with the activities of these tiny bandits follow the Stop That Squirrel page on Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube.

[via Neatorama and The Dodo]

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