South Florida Craft Brewery Creates Amazing Edible Six-Pack Holder Rings That Nourish Sea Creatures

In an effort to address the ongoing problem of plastic six-pack rings polluting the oceans and harming local wildlife, the Saltwater Brewery in Delray Beach, Florida partnered with the environmental ad agency We Believers to sell their notable craft beer in six-packs held together with rings made from byproducts of the beer-making process. These rings are not only biodegradable and compostable, but also edible and completely nourishing to any sea or land creature who might consume them. Saltwater has also challenged their industry peers to follow their example.

Most of these plastic six-pack rings end up in our oceans and pose a serious threat to wildlife. Together with Saltwater Brewery, a small craft beer brand in Florida whose primary target are surfers fishermen and people who love the sea, we decided to tackle the issue head on and make a statement for the whole beer industry to follow. We ideated, designed, prototyped and manufactured Edible Six Pack Rings. A six-pack packaging design that instead of killing animals, feeds them.

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This post was written by Lori Dorn and published May 19, 2016 on Laughing Squid.

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