Simon’s Cat Logic Explains Why Cats Love Cardboard Boxes So Much

In a new episode of the adorably informative series “Simon’s Cat Logic“, illustrator Simon Toland and animal behaviorist Nicky Trevorrow explain why cats love cardboard boxes so much.

Cats feel safe in enclosed spaces. This explains why cardboard boxes are immensely popular. They feel safe having something enclosed and particularly something with sides. All cats need to be able to hide, not just the scaredy cats or not just when there’s fireworks outside. Even confident cats need the ability to hide even if it’s just for a few moments. Sometimes owners buy an expensive cat tower for their cat and whilst they’re busy constructing it turn round to find that their cat is more interested in the cardboard box it came in. Boxes make great cheap toys…

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This post was written by Lori Dorn and published May 19, 2016 on Laughing Squid.

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