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Siblings Have Been Recreating Their Childhood Photos And The Results Are Incredible

Siblings seem to have a kind of telepathy – an intuitive link that lingers long after they grow apart and lead separate lives. How often have you heard it said that brothers and sisters can go months, even years, without saying a word to one another and then pick right back up where they left off as if nothing has changed? Isn’t it common that twin siblings can end up finishing one another’s sentences, or sharing thoughts and feelings as easily as if they were psychic?

Along with all the bickering, scrapes and teasing that is pretty much par-for-the-course between brothers and sisters, there are always tender moments, which, when our parents have managed to get us to stop squabbling for a few precious seconds, we’re lucky enough to capture in photographic form as a permanent reminder of how things used to be.

How amusing, then, it would be to look back over such photographs and attempt to recreate them as accurately as possible in the present day, outfits and outrageous expressions abound, as a nostalgic trip backwards to a simpler time?

If you want to make your mother shed a nostalgic tear on her birthday this year, or make your father nod sagely in recognition, then recreating old childhood photos as an adult could be a way to take you back to the past. Think of it like traveling in a time machine. If you still need some convincing, then look no further than our compilation of childhood photograph recreations, which are certain to get a chuckle out of the most sceptical person.

A gentle one to kick things off, full marks for effort

This is everything you want it to be and more

There’s something to be said for going the extra mile

This one is eerily similar

This was for their dad’s birthday

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