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Shocking Video Shows Man Attempting To Reach For Gun During Live Arrest

Crime is a subject which seems to worry and fascinate us in equal measure. Both imagined and real-life accounts of criminal cases continue to gain a massive audience, as seen in the success of programmes like true-crime podcast Serial and the HBO re-telling of the infamous OJ Simpson case in the award-winning drama The People Vs OJ Simpson.

Investigations and police work also garner much attention. Over the years, shows like Cops have brought everyday law enforcement to our screens. A new US programme has put a different twist on the classic documentary-style show following the work of police officers.

Launched on 28 October 2016, A&E’s Live PD broadcasts police encounters live on air, featuring streams of police activity from across the US. Live footage is interspersed with pre-recorded segments and expert commentary providing the public with further explanation on issues raised in the clips shown.

One particular incident caught during a live broadcast has now gone viral with over half a million views. Police officers from Tulsa, Oklahoma stopped a car, believing the occupants of the car were showing signs of suspicious behaviour. Officers Justin Beal and Stephen Blaylock, who belong to the Tulsa Police Department Gang Unit, then proceeded to question the driver and passengers. The exchange swiftly escalated into a life-threatening moment.

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