Several Victims of Manchester Attack Have Now Been Identified

The identities of several more victims of Monday’s bombing at Manchester Arena have been released as the UK’s threat level has been raised to critical. The blast occurred around 10:30pm on Monday as fans left the arena after an Ariana Grande concert. The police have so far confirmed 22 fatalities, with dozens injured. The attack has been dubbed the worst attack the UK has seen since the 7/7 attacks in London in 2005.

In the past few hours the names of several of those who lost their lives have been confirmed.

Olivia Campbell

Olivia Campbell, was a 15-year-old from Bury. Olivia’s mother confirmed the death of her daughter sharing a tribute on Facebook during the early hours of Wednesday morning. In the post she wrote: “RIP my darling precious gorgeous girl Olivia Campbell taken far far to soon go sing with the angels and keep smiling mummy loves you so much.”

Kelly Brewster

The 32-year-old office worker from Sheffield also lost her life on Monday – shielding her niece from the blast. Her partner, Ian Winslow,  wrote on Facebook: “Not sure how this works but it isn’t good news. Kelly Brewster wasn’t one of the unidentified hospital patients. She has sadly passed away in the terror attack yesterday. Kelly really was the happiest she has ever been and we had so many things planned together. My daughter Phoebe will be absolutely devastated like we all are.”

Alison Howe and Lisa Lees

These two friends from Oldham were waiting at the venue to pick up their daughters. Alison’s stepson Jordan Howe confirmed the tragedy on Facebook writing: “They took a caring beautiful mum and step mother away from us all she was amazing to us all.”

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