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Several Huge Explosions Seen In Syria As Putin Drops ‘New Type Of Bomb’

The situation in Syria seems to be fast spiralling out of the last vestiges of control that the United Nations could have claimed to hold over the sorry conflict, which has been unrelenting since 2011.

With news reports of renewed fighting and devastating bomb-strikes and chemical attacks seemingly emerging every day at the present time, for anyone attempting to keep up with the escalating violence it has become an overwhelming and highly complex mess; indeed, even the major players in the region seem entirely at odds with the truth of what is going on.

The tragic recent chemical attacks that shook the world when shocking footage emerged of Syrians, many of them children, in convulsions and obvious excruciating pain are a perfect example of this; the United States of America has maintained that President Assad is behind the attack, whereas Assad himself has blamed rebel troops, and Russia remains ostensibly in support of his regime.

In the aftermath of the chemical attacks, President Trump authorised an airstrike from the United States that saw roughly 60 Tomahawk cruise missiles launched at the al-Shayrat military base near Homs in central Syria, in an abrupt about-turn of foreign policy pertaining to Syria; the Trump administration had previously insisted that it would get involved with the Assad regime, instead focusing its efforts on defeating IS fighters in the region. It is thought that the shocking chemical attacks brought about the sudden change.

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