See the Evolutions of 'Pokémon Sun' and Moon's Starters!

Oh, the pride we feel when our Pokémon starters evolve! Yes, it was we, the players, who made our clumsy young Litten into a fierce, confident Torracat. Today, The Pokémon Company released a trailer revealing what the starters from Pokémon Sun and Moon will evolve into. Take a look, and get a little twinge of the pride your parents feel every morning when they see your face:

Although your parents do hope your Torracat has a real sass-mouth so you have to deal with what they went through.

There you have it — Popplio turns into Brionne, Litten becomes Torracat, and Rowlett changes into Dartix. All the evolutions look like teenage versions of the starters, like they’re not quite sure of who they are. Like they need to be imbued with confidence if they’re going to survive in this mad crazy world. Hopefully they’ll have a Mr. Feeny-like mentor around to help them find themselves.

Wait, since we’re the mentors, maybe this whole “evolving our Pokémon” thing is gonna be harder than we though. I mean, we’ll have to shepard these wobbly, unsure cutie pies into adulthood (evolutionhood?). If we mess up, they could easily go down the dark path of dropping out of college and getting hooked on Rare Candy. If that’s what happens to your Dartrix, make sure you don’t bring it up at church. You know how judge-y that Sandra Moore can be.

Would you watch a Disney Channel original series about Brionne learning life lessons as she navigates the tricky world of high school? Let me know on Twitter @mikeymccollor!

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