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Seattle-based artist Mike Leavitt is currently working on a new…

Seattle-based artist Mike Leavitt is currently working on a new series of awesome wood sculptures depicting renowned movie directors combined with iconic characters from their most famous films, such as Alfred Hitchcock’s head with a bird’s body.

“I love movies and I love art. The magic overwhelms me. Moviemakers are consumed by their work, similar to the way my own work overtakes my life. Whether a block of wood, a scene ending or film reel edit, every cut takes conviction. Directors endure pain tending to the light of photography, the story’s tension, the limits of money and the sacrifices to their vision. Trust in that vision is so powerful that they relinquish their anatomy. That’s why I sculpted their bodies physically devoured by their work.”

Leavitt has made a name for himself by creating delightfully surreal pop culture mashups. For a 2013 exhibition entitled Empire Peaks he combined Star Wars characters with a variety of pop culture icons, such as Charles Darwin as Chewbacca and, our favourite, Abe Solo:


Follow Mike Leavitt on Instagram to keep up with his latest work of pop art, including plenty of process photos.

[via Super Punch and Arrested Motion]

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