Scientists Have Finally Identified What the Washed Up ‘Mysterious Creature’ Is

Humanity’s preoccupation with the nightmarish has pervaded since time immemorial. The ocean is a vast and largely uncharted habitat, chock-full of strange and unpleasant creatures. We all love a monster, right up until the point that it eats us, and if that monster happens to come from the vast depths of the ocean’s unexplored chasms, then all the better, all the scarier, all the more compelling.

Just last week, such a mystery appeared to have risen to the surface from the murky depths of the ocean blue, after a vast 50 ft “sea monster” was discovered washed up on the shore of an Indonesian island.

Little was known about the supposed monster, other than the fact that it was enormous. The creature was discovered by 37-year-old local, Asrul Tuanakota, off the coastline of Hulung Beach on the Indoesian Seram Island. Indeed, so vast in stature it was that Tuanakota initially thought that it was a grounded coat, bobbing on the sea’s surface.

True to form, a veritable cornucopia of theories quickly emerged as to the true identity of the vast lump, that had begun to decompose, making any attempt to ascertain its true nature more complex than it otherwise would have been. Could it be the largest giant squid ever? Was it some hitherto unidentified leviathan of the deep? After a presumed three days of disintegration it was hard to tell, and it had been reported that marine scientists were due to take samples from the beast in an attempt to clarify proceedings.

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