Ryan Reynolds Trolls Detective Pikachu Fans With A Fake Leak Of The Movie

It’s safe to say that the actor Ryan Reynolds is one of the most lovable Hollywood personas – if you need proof, just check out all the times Bored Panda wrote about the guy. The man is known for his amazing sense of humor which we often get to see on the actor’s Twitter feed. Fans of Ryan Reynolds have probably heard about the upcoming Detective Pikachu movie where the actor plays the main role. Well, Ryan wouldn’t be Ryan if he didn’t make a joke about it.

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Detective Pikachu starring Ryan Reynolds is set to hit UK and US theaters tomorrow (May 10)

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The movie is about a young boy who comes across a talking Pikachu whose dream is to become a detective. Pikachu is voiced by none other than Ryan Reynolds, an actor who has a huge following on Twitter and is known for his love of pranks and refreshing sense of humor.

This Tuesday, Ryan Reynolds surprised fans by sharing the link to a ‘leaked’ full movie on YouTube

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Ryan Reynolds retweeted the link with the video from a user named Inspector Pikachu and tagged official Twitter accounts for Detective Pikachu as well as the Warner Bros company. The tweet received more than 100,000 likes and more than 30,000 people commented on it.

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However, as you have probably guessed, the so-called ‘full movie’ is not the one that’s hitting the theaters soon

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Instead, it’s a glorious 100 minutes of Pikachu dancing to upbeat ’80s aerobics music. Oh, and if the dance moves look oddly familiar, it’s because they certainly are. The video itself is a reference to the Internet’s favorite aerobics video – the 1988 Crystal Light National Aerobics Championship dance.

See the ‘leaked’ Detective Pikachu video below which already has almost 10M views

Image credits: Inspector Pikachu

The video worked as a perfect publicity stunt to promote the movie. Numerous people were retweeting Ryan’s link of the “leak” and millions have already watched the video and commented on it. People on YouTube have been commenting that this ‘movie’ was even better than they expected.

Some fans remembered that this is not the first time the actor has leaked films on the Internet

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Back in 2016, Ryan Reynolds admitted (sort of) to leaking the test footage for the superhero movie “Deadpool” in order to pressure studio executives to fund the movie. Consequently, “Deadpool” fans all over the world were stoked and basically pushed Fox to greenlight the movie – which they did.

Last year, Ryan himself posted a tweet about the “4-year Leak-iversary” of Deadpool

Image credits: VancityReynolds

It is no surprise that the movie industry must find new ways of marketing their production and this one proved to be working just right. Ryan Reynolds and the creative team behind Detective Pikachu created a buzz around the movie and people who weren’t intending to watch it might just change their minds after having watched the “leak”.

Apparently, people really liked the ‘leaked’ movie

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Some admitted to have fallen for the prank

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