Ryan Reynolds Congratulates Wife Blake Lively On Her Birthday By Posting The Worst Pics Of Her And 5.6 Million People Love It

It’s a well-known fact, for those people who follow these things, that actor Ryan Reynolds loves trolling his wife Blake Lively. It’s nothing mean or nasty – just the kind of gentle ribbing and pranks that many fun-loving couples with a sense of humor like to inflict on each other. The only difference is, these two do much of their trolling in the public eye, and people seem to love it.

Reynolds’ latest effort came at that most opportune of occasions: the birthday. What better way to celebrate a loved one’s big day than a good old fashioned razz? Usually, on places like Instagram or Facebook, we like to tag our birthday buddies with nice pics of them – revisiting memorable occasions with flattering pics that celebrate friendship and togetherness. Reynolds decided to go with a slightly modified version of this concept – digging out probably the least flattering pics of his lovely wife that he could find, and posting them on his Instagram account.

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Ryan Reynolds posted an Instagram gallery compiled of 10 pics to congratulate Blake Lively on her 32nd birthday:

The hilarious gallery of pics – in which Lively is pictured out of focus, gurning awkwardly or clearly not ready for a photo at all – has a happy background to go along with the tongue-in-cheek birthday message. The photos, which begin with a cute pic of Lively holding her pregnant belly, serve as a kind of ‘pregnancy update,’ with the couple expecting their third child around October 2019.

Lively and Reynolds already have two young children: daughters James, who was born in 2014, and Inez, who was born in 2016. They got married in South Carolina back in 2012 after meeting on the set of the movie Green Lantern – where their on-screen romance blossomed into a real-life love story.

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They are both active on social media, where they don’t take themselves too seriously and constantly poke fun at each other. However, despite the public nature of their relationship, they are dedicated to family life and largely keep their children out of the spotlight. Reynolds explained in an interview with People that the pair never take on projects at the same time, so they can keep the family together.

“Blake and I don’t do movies at the same time. If she is doing a movie in Thailand and I am doing a movie in Vancouver we would just never see each other. We operate as a unit, and that works really well for us,” Reynolds explained. “The kids stay with us, and the family stays together, and that is where home is. So if we are in Spain or Utah or New York, as long as we are together, we’re home.”

What do you think? Do you and your partner enjoy pranking each other? Do you think that poking fun is healthy, or detrimental to a relationship? These pair are clearly crazy for each other, and we are sure that Lively, who must be used to Reynolds’ pranks by now, will be forgiving of his latest troll. Let us know your thoughts, and share your own pranking stories in the comments below!

Here’s how he congratulated Blake two years ago:

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And here’s how people reacted to the hilarious post

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