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Rainbows are awesome. Few people know this quite as well as…

Rainbows are awesome. Few people know this quite as well as artist Julie Seabrook Ream, who has arranged so many assortments of objects into perfect spectrums that she just published a book called the Encyclopedia of Rainbows.

“Using organic objects like sea shells, eggs, and flowers, Ream carefully constructs configurations that exhibit earth’s diverse color palette. Rather than craft arbitrary studies of tonality, Ream deliberately displays the articles so that they elegantly form visually satisfying rainbows. Some, like Berries and Feathers, convey a linear approach to arranging. As a result of their neat and tidy organization, the spectrum is obvious. On the contrary, others, including Leaves and Sea Life, are a bit less straightforward. While, compositionally, they appear to be a bit less structured, they still showcase Ream’s knack for composing beautifully balanced formations.”

The Encyclopedia of Rainbows: Our World Organized by Color is available via Amazon.

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[via My Modern Met]

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