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Preventable Wedding Tragedies That’ll At Least Break The Ice

Getting married is stressful even if you don’t want it to be. One day you’re celebrating your engagement and the next moment you’re dealing with pleasing family members and trying to find a realistic scenario that meets expectations you or everyone else magically put in your head. So if you’re in the oh shit, I’m freaking out stage, just stop right now. Know that nothing ever goes as planned and hosts that don’t give AF are way more fun to be around.

But if you’re really looking for guidelines on what not to do, maybe watching these fails will help you succeed. Or just expect the worst but laugh when something happens.

Assume it’s going to rain.

Order the right size next time. Or not. You do you.

Bring a robe or comfy clothes to get ready in before the ceremony.

Practice your wedding party entrance.

Let your bridesmaids fall instead of you.

Do not jump in the water.

Dodge getting hit in the face.

Expect spills to happen.

Try not to drop him/her.

Or at least make sure it’s documented.

Keep speech expectations low.

Watch your feet on the dance floor.

Assume you’re not Lauren Conrad if you DIY anything.

Just… try not to get arrested.

Oops #bridalfail ?

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