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Portland, OR-based company JPants creates awesome sets of tiny…

Portland, OR-based company JPants creates awesome sets of tiny handmade tombstones to build your very own Miniature Graveyard wherever you want.

“Each tombstone is also carefully sealed with waterproof varnish which means they’re safe to use outdoors or in a terrarium. If additionally treated with an acrylic-based varnish they’re also safe for use with live fish, which means even your aquarium can feature its own underwater graveyard. But don’t worry, that shouldn’t creep out your fish at all, because none of these tombstones are shaped anything like a toilet.”

Perhaps your cubicle isn’t sufficiently spooky or your dashboard could use a sense of gloom and doom, or maybe those cupcakes are just a little too cheerful. The morbid possibilities for pocket-sized tombstones are endless.

Order your own Mini Graveyard Kit via or the JPants Etsy shop.


[via Dirge Magazine]

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