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Pornhub Wants To Help You Send More Nudes The “Safe” Way

Once again, Pornhub has discovered a way to make the world even more pleasing. In addition to providing users with unlimited adult entertainment and heart attack-inducing April Fool’s pranks, the website is debuting an app that allows you to send “safe for work” nudes. Yes, really.

Pornhub is debuting a new app today that will help you send “safer” nudes.

pornhub wants to help you send nudes the safe way 2 Pornhub Wants To Help You Send More Nudes The Safe Way

The notoriously visible platform has decided to expand their reach outside of adult film and obnoxious April Fool’s pranks with an all-new app called TrickPicks. The app is designed to assist you in sending “safe for work” nudes–if such a thing could ever exist.

How does one send a SFW photo without any clothes on, you might ask?

TrickPicks provides its users with a variety of graphic animations with which to censor their more sensitive areas.

For men, these animations could be anything from a “trouser snake” to JT’s classic “dick-in-a-box.”

screen shot 2017 04 18 at 9 57 49 am Pornhub Wants To Help You Send More Nudes The Safe Way

Women have options such as  “bigguns” and “knock knockers” for their upstairs parts, and “Instaclam” or “my precious” for the downstairs.

screen shot 2017 04 18 at 9 57 43 am Pornhub Wants To Help You Send More Nudes The Safe Way

*These are screen-grabbed examples, the actual photos will be animated.*

TrickPicks is unashamedly marketing themselves as the “Snapchat for nudes.”

“Snapchat’s user engagement has been on the rise and is no longer just used by millennials according to recent surveys. Since the company went public, we thought it was our time to participate in the fun, too,” Corey Price, VP of Pornhub, told Refinery29.  “We see our users between the ages of 18 to 35 using the app most, as they are most familiar with how Snapchat works and participate on the platform more.”

Price says the idea for the app came about when one of Pornhub’s staffers was banned from Instagram after posting several “racy” photos on their personal account.

The promotional video for the app cleverly refers to Instagram as “Dickstagram” in an effort to call attention to the social network’s nipple-censoring policies.

You may be familiar with the Instagram account Genderless Nipples which solely posts up-close photos of areolas in protest of the double standard that allows male nipples to be shown and not female.

After you snap a photo on TrickPicks, however, you can share it anywhere else you desire, including Instagram. So, in addition to providing you some more *creative* ways to sext, the app is also cleverly sidestepping Instagram’s nudity regulations by barely censoring your “naughty bits.”

Any photos taken with TrickPicks are saved directly to your camera roll, so privacy is not an issue.

Find out more about the new app HERE and get to snapping, we don’t judge.

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