Pokémon Theme Song Singer Sang It Again After 20 Years, and MAN Is That Guy Good at Singing the Pokémon Song

With Pokémon Go sweeping the nation (and its funeral homes), every website, paper, and news station is looking to cash in. That should make it seem pretty normal to see CNN produce a short documentary on the singer of the Pokémon anime, Jason Paige, even though it’s still kiiiinda weird to see Pokémon get play on CNN. One of the funnest things CNN asked Paige to do, though, was recreate his most famous vocal performance for their cameras, and man oh man is this guy ever good at singing the Pokémon song. Check it out:

Good god, Jason Paige sounds exactly the same as he did 20 years before. I was half expecting him to flub a line, stare into the camera, and do a jig — the indigenous dance of the lip-synchers.

But he didn’t! Homeboy is just consistent — I don’t doubt Jason Paige could roll out of bed at 6 AM and bust out a sweet “gotta catch ’em AAAaall” before his morning coffee. And while a lot of us tend to lavish praise on big, splashy moments, it really is consistency that’s important. Think about U2, and Wes Anderson, and McDonald’s — they’re darn good, but not great, every single time. Compare them with LFO, District 9 director Neil Blomkamp, and Del Taco — they knocked it out of the park one time, and then suck it up for the rest of forever. I’ll take consistency every time. (That said, if you think there’s a better fast food dessert than Del Taco’s caramel cheesecake bites I don’t even want to talk to you.)


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Original Pokémon theme singer once again belts out the classic song