'Pokémon Red' Has Been Created in 'Minecraft', and We're All Better Off for It

Even though we’ve seen everything in Minecraft (and Minecraft in everything), it’s always impressive when someone goes ahead and recreates an entire goddamn game in what is already itself a goddamn game. Today, mini-game and mapmaker MrSquishy put out his latest Minecraft mod, which recreates the entirety of Pokémon Red on a massive Game Boy right square in the middle of Minecraft.

Games that aren’t in other games are so 1996.

It sounds like MrSquishy rebuilt the entirety of Pokémon Red‘s code by hand, using nothing more than “command blocks and a resource pack”. And, I mean, I trust him. As someone who neither plays much Minecraft and has never coded a video game, he could’ve said he built Pokémon Red in Minecraft with marshmallow orbs and the dreams dogs have when they’re sleeping and kicking their legs really fast and I would’ve been like “‘kay”.

But the fact that Pokémon Red is now full-on working in Minecraft is another building block (haha, like in Minecraft) in the case that soon everything will be in Minecraft. And not just every video game, either — I’m talking every movie, TV show, miniseries, docudrama, painting, song, work of fiction, work of nonfiction, work of historical fiction, work of creative nonfiction, magazine, dance, and internet website will one day be coded into Minecraft. And then my brain is going to literally start on fire as I have taken in every piece of creativity created throughout the entire history of mankind. And then that f*cking game is going to be ported onto the Nintendo Switch and my brain will literally start on fire on the go. So handy!


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