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Please, learn from this teen who got a hammer stuck in her mouth and don’t stick a hammer in your mouth

It’s a tale as old as time: Girl meets hammer. Girl shoves hammer in mouth. Hammer is now stuck indefinitely. The world laughs.

But, I’m getting ahead of myself. Our story really begins with Kaley, a 14-year-old from Louisiana.

Kaley was recently chatting with a friend about their favorite K-pop group, BTS.

“I was sending her pictures of one of them, (and) he’s good-looking,” Kaley told BuzzFeed. “So I sent it and said, ‘He’s so beautiful I could shove a hammer in my mouth.”

And when Kaley’s friend called her bluff, well … Kaley decided to shove a hammer in her mouth. (*Sigh* Isn’t that how it always goes?)

However, Kaley hadn’t really thought about the repercussions of shoving a hammer into her mouth (shocker), and was surprised to find that the hammer was actually stuck.

Instead of asking for help, she took a selfie of her hammer-faced debacle and tweeted about it, accompanied by the caption “how do u tell ur mom that u got a hammer stuck in ur mouth.”

Though it only took Kaley about 10 minutes of finagling to get the hammer out of her mouth, it took Twitter much less time to make fun of her for doing it in the first place.

Because when someone gets a hammer stuck in their mouth, the jokes write themselves.

People had so many questions/concerns.

So, what did Kaley learn from this viral incident? Well, exactly what you would expect her to learn, of course!

“There are ways to channel your excitement, and shoving a hammer in your mouth probably isn’t the best,” she told BuzzFeed

And for the record: Kaley’s mom is apparently hiding the toolbox from her, which I have to admit is a solid idea.

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