Please join us on a very special Caturday Geyser of Awesome…

Please join us on a very special Caturday Geyser of Awesome Field Trip to Japan’s famous Cat Island. Tashirojima island, located in Ishinomaki, Miyagi, Japan, is home to hundreds of inquisitive, free-roaming felines.

“Humans are outnumbered by cats 6 to 1 on Tashirojima. The small island island survived a devastating tsunami in 2011. Superstitious people believe the numerous cats – which are considered lucky in Japan – protected Tashirojima from the tsunami. …Parts of this area – Miyagi Prefecture – are still being rebuilt after the tsunami. Ishinomaki is the departure point for Cat Island. Ishinomaki is a city famous for manga; the downtown area is a must-see for otakus (fans of comic books and anime).”

Almost as good as going there, check out this wonderful video of Japan’s Cat Island shot by the team at Beat Down Boogie:

[via Laughing Squid]

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