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Please join the Department of Marvelous Makeup in welcoming its…

Please join the Department of Marvelous Makeup in welcoming its newest member: London-based makeup artist Vanessa Davis, aka The Skulltress, whose elaborate makeup designs often transform her into creative variations on traditional Mexican Calaveras (sugar skulls).

Here you can see one of her latest sparkly, reflective skull designs in motion:

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So, why the skull? For Davis, the decision was a personal one. “I noticed that the successful makeup accounts specialized in either a particular style or subject, so I chose skulls, which also worked as my heritage is Mexican and English,” she told Allure. “I am fascinated how skulls are portrayed in fashion, art and tattoo art, particularly by Alexander McQueen and Damien Hirst.” 

Davis also shares step-by-step tutorials for how she creates her stunning looks, which can be found by following her on Instagram, Facebook, or YouTube.


[via My Modern Met]

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