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Please Don’t Be Like This Woman, Who Stupidly Applied A Blackhead Peel-Off Mask To Her Entire Body

Look, I understand that it’s important to get viewers for you YouTube channel through any possible means. One girl just did a makeup tutorial using her boyfriend’s balls as a beauty blender, for God’s sake. Everybody needs a gimmick, and far be it for me to suggest otherwise.

It’s just that … maybe you don’t need to inflict physical pain on yourself in order to get viewers?

Beauty blogger Nicole Skyes didn’t feel the need to entertain that possibility, though: she recently decided to participate in the “blackhead peel-off mask challenge,” which involves spreading a potent blackhead mask over her entire body, and then ripping it off.

You’ve probably seen Facebook ads for these peel-off masks — though they clear the gunk out of your pores and look strangely satisfying, they are notorious for being extremely painful to remove from your face, let alone your entire body.

“Hopefully it doesn’t peel off my spray tan,” Sykes joked before she began applying the mask to her body. (Girl, I think you have bigger worries than your spray tan.)

Not surprisingly, the whole thing went exceptionally poorly. I guess Skyes forgot that your entire body is covered with tiny little hairs, and that applying a mask to those hairs makes the removal of said mask super painful. Basically: she got a mask and a body wax all in one.

At a certain point, Skyes admits defeat and tells her viewers that she could only peel off so much of the mask before she had to go wash it off in the shower. Which, honestly, is the most reasonable thing that happens in this entire video.

“But,” Skyes admits, “on the bright side, my skin feels super, super smooth.”

Um, yeah. That can happen when you peel off an entire layer of your epidermis. Perhaps this is a great reminder to stick with beauty routines that do not actively harm you? Just a thought.

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