Performer Andrew Bowser Asks His Fans to Decide Who His Next Offbeat Character Should Be

Comedian and performance artist Andrew Bowser, known for his really offbeat, unusual and outspoken characters, has taken to his YouTube audience to democratically decide what his next character should be. Among the choices are an aging special effects guy named Creature Carl , A misogynistic asshole named Scarze, a country singer named Tyrell Bowden, a character based off of Bowser’s schoolmate named Jonté Harrison, Bowser’s dad, a character named Future, and last but not least, Bowser’s penis.

…I wanted to try out some new characters I’ve been working on and then you can comment below saying which characters you like and which one you’d like to see in a new Bowser Bits sketch. Here we go I’m going to do a little bit for each new character and hopefully you’ll like them…

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