People Online Are Now Offering Themselves Up as Personal 'Pokémon Go' Drivers

Pokémon Go, the AR pocket monster-collecting app that’s taken over the world as we know it, is all about getting players to move from location to location in order to catch ’em all. And since there is a LOT of walking involved, and some people really don’t like doing a lot of walking because ugh exercise, some opportunistic entrepreneurs are offering exclusive Pokémon Go rides and tours in some major cities.

pokemon go ride long beach ad

The ads have started popping up on on Craigslist in larger metropolitan areas like New York, Chicago,Baltimore, and Long Beach (shown above), with prices ranging from 20-30 dollars per hour, per person. Some of the ads offer free snacks, cell chargers, and even training/advice for Pokémon Go using customers. It’s a pretty smart business model, considering other ride services such as Lyft and Uber are more for taking users from one destination to another, without the frequent stops the Pokémon Go app demands. It’s almost surprising that the creators of Pokémon Go didn’t think to build in their own ride-sharing service themselves — the money would roll in faster than a Aerodactyl.

If you’re a Pokémon Go addict who’s interested in taking up one of these rides, just be careful — you never really know what you’re getting with Craigslist, so it wouldn’t be the worst idea to enlist a friend or two.

Would you use one of these Poké-ride services? Do you think this is the beginning of the next ride-sharing startup? Let us know what you think @Smosh!

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pokemon go ride long beach ad

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