People of Reddit Give Single People Their Most Helpful Dating Advice

Ah, relationships. We love them, we love to complain about them and we certainly love to give advice about them. One Reddit user decided to use the platform to find ask one simple question on this subject: “What is the best dating advice you’ve ever received?”. The answers came pouring in – some matter-of-fact, some poignant and others just plain hilarious. Keep reading to see if you agree with the pearls of wisdom shared on what became an epic thread.

1. Tips for the first date…

A few users had some interesting tips about what to do (and what not to do) during a date.

“You’re both going to be nervous and you’re both going to say stupid things on the first date. Humour those things and don’t let them control the date.”

“Don’t do Dinner for First Dates – They are boring, it’s hard to create a coupling effect, and can feel like an interview with food.”

“Shut up about yourself. Ask about them. And listen.”

“Don’t do movie dates! Movies are for established couples.”

“Pay attention to how they treat the wait staff. You can learn a lot about a person’s character by the way they treat servers.”

2. On the other person’s appearance…

Attraction and, consequently, appearance play a significant part in dating – and can be the source of a lot of stress when you’re trying to impress someone! Perhaps these tips could help?

” ‘Only hookers and pirates wear red.’ –My Grandmother”

“If she gets her hair cut and you don’t like it, wait three days before you say anything.”

3. Thinking long-term…

It’s great to live in the moment and all but sometimes YOLO doesn’t quite cut it and you need to look ahead, as one mum expertly advised.

” ‘If you’re ever thinking about dating someone, look at their parents and ask yourself if you really want them dipping their toes in your gene pool.’ – From my mother.”


4. Good old quotable gems

There were some great quotes that made me want to whip out a pen and pad and just write them down.

“Love is teamwork. It’s not you vs me, it’s us vs the problem.”

” ‘You can have anything you want…. you can’t have everything you want.’ – My Father”

“Have a type but use it as guideline and not a rule.”

“If you put someone on a pedestal, you force them to look down on you.”

“Learn to let go.”

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