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People Everywhere Are Instagramming LaCroix Cans Like They Used To With Starbucks Drinks

For the love of bubbles! You’ve probably noticed that people you are obsessed with LaCroix and don’t care who knows it. Maybe it’s the colorful cans that have us mesmerized or maybe it’s just so goddamn refreshing. And unless you got sucked into Starbuck’s latest unicorn frappuccino craze, you’re about to appreciate how creative people are getting with H20. From fancy artwork to life-size replications, check out 24 ways individuals are creatively showing their love for this sparkling water on Instagram.

1. Canned water never looked so good.

2. Even dogs beg for LaCroix.

3. Hipsters are all about it.

4. These LaCroix pins exist.

5. They even get their own floatation devises.

6. You won’t be able to stop watching this video.

7. LaCroix is replacing wine glass art… like this.

8. This.

9. …and this.

10. It’s becoming an embroidery thing, too.

11. Just assume you’re around a secret stash.

12. Relatable memes about it are popping up on the regular.

13. Home is where the heart LaCroix is.

14. Water on water never looked so cool.

15. Even moms are replacing wine breaks with it.

16. This is a legit LaCroix wall.

17. It’s becoming a coffee replacement.

18. Even kids grocery shop for it.

19. Etsy artists have new necklace inspiration.

20. You can be fancy AF without alcohol.

20. Or even better, with alcohol.

21. It can be life-sized.

22. It perfectly matches donuts.

23. It compliments pizza well.

24. And this is everything.

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