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People Can’t Work Out If This Question On Kids’ Homework Is Racist Or Not

There are few things in childhood that suck as much as homework. It’s easily one of the worst aspects of growing up. Nowadays, when I finish work and finally get home late, totally exhausted from nine hours of hard graft, I can just flop onto the couch, watch Netflix and eat some junk food. If anybody dared ask me to take a whole pile of work home, I’d resign on the spot.

When you’re a kid, though, the idea that homework is a good idea is taken at face value, even though I’ve never understood what it’s meant to achieve. Having already taken eight hours of my day, homework always seemed like a petty way for my teachers to rob me of yet more free time. I don’t think there’s anyone who lies on their deathbed and whispers to themselves: “I wish I’d written more mock-essays about Of Mice and Men!” before expiring full of regret.

Unfortunately, today’s kids have it harder that I ever did when it comes to homework. Even if I completely ignored it, I have to admit that mine sort of made sense. Nowadays, homework appears to be downright incomprehensible, and children and adults alike are wasting their valuable spare time trying to work out what they’re being asked to do.

As difficult as homework might be, though, I’m sure that no mommy or daddy would ever expect their offspring to bring back a homework paper that is not only confusing, but downright racist. Yet that’s apparently what happened to Arvin Gold from Malaysia, whose young daughter’s homework assignment inadvertently received a lot of attention on social media.

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