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People are losing their minds over this poor Husky’s terrible haircut

Most of us have had at least one traumatic haircut experience in our lifetimes. You walk into the salon with a picture in your mind of how you expect your hair to look and the stylist decides to give you the exact opposite, forcing you to wear a hat for months until it grows back.

Of course, disastrous haircuts aren’t solely a human experience. Many dog owners choose to get their pupper’s fur trimmed down during the summer months, but sometimes a “trim” turns into an unsightly full-body shave. At least, that was the case for this poor Husky and Twitter can’t seem to get enough of his new do.

People are losing their minds over this photo of a Husky who got shaved everywhere, but his head. 

LOOK AT HIM! That poor guy, he’s like a little Husky bobblehead.

Twitter user Shishou captioned the startling photo, “If you’ve never seen a husky with absolutely no body hair then here you go.”

Apparently, all of this little guy’s fur was shaved except his head and fur.

Naturally, Twitter lost its mind over this disastrous haircut.

And several users pointed out the dangers of shaving a Husky (though we aren’t sure if this particular pup was shaved for medical reasons or not).

Either way, we hope his fur grows back soon!

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