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People Are Fighting Over The Best Way To Store Butter, And The Debate Is Tearing Twitter Apart

Butter seems like it should be a fairly innocuous topic. We all enjoy this creamy dairy spread (with the exception of vegans, but whatever), it plays an irreplaceable role in our daily toast consumption, and the more butter you add to a baking recipe, the better.

However, the internet still managed to find a way to disagree about butter — namely, whether or not it should be stored in the refrigerator or not.

Yes. This is real. Despite the very real breaking news stories that seem far more deserving of people’s attention, everyone seems to be preoccupied with an argument about the best way to store butter.

You can’t make this shit up.

First, a little bit of context: some people choose to leave their butter outside of the fridge in a ceramic butter dish. The idea behind this is that it makes the room-temperature butter easier to spread.

However, other people keep their butter in the refrigerator, as they prefer to get a longer shelf-life out of their butter sticks.

As a result, no one can agree on whether or not it is gross to keep your butter unrefrigerated.

Some people are truly offended by any non-refrigerated butter habits.

One person even created a poll to determine how the majority of people are storing their butter …

… and promptly shamed everyone who admitted to keeping their butter in the fridge.

It’s truly a vexing predicament: either you get mangled toast and perfectly preserved butter, or a great spread that only lasts you a few weeks.

This debate may never come to a close, but a food columnist at Chowhound reveals that it’s actually (fairly) safe to keep butter outside of the fridge, as long as it’s kept in an opaque container:

A covered, opaque butter dish is a start (steer away from those clear plastic ones). But the best option is a French-style butter crock, which consists of an inverted cup that is submerged into a water-filled vessel, expelling all air. The less exposure your butter has to the elements, the longer it will last at any temperature.

The butter will apparently be good for up to two weeks when stored this way — although it may last longer, and you’ll definitely know when the stick has gone rancid.

So, there you have it, folks. Either way, your butter is probably fine. And debating about it is most certainly a waste of energy — but, if you’re feeling especially passionate about your butter preferences, then by all means, be my guest.

What do you think?


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