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Paul Ryan Made A Presentation About ‘Trumpcare,’ And Twitter Now Has A Glorious New Meme

The most recent addition to “Weekly News That Is Giving Me Premature Grays” is the Republicans’ release of their new, proposed health care plan (which is called “Trumpcare,” and is also my favorite new oxymoron).

House Speaker Paul Ryan gave a presentation on the GOP’s new health care plan yesterday, which essentially amounted to criticizing Obamacare without addressing how the new plan would offer solutions to the problems. The New York Times has already asserted that the new health care plan will cut “funding for the poor and taxes on the rich.”

Since Ryan gave his lecture in the form of a powerpoint presentation, it was only a matter of time (read: seconds) before the internet stepped in and turned him into a meme.

Basically, the only thing that anyone heard during Ryan’s presentation was “WE MUST DISTANCE OURSELVES AND OUR MONEY FROM THE POOR.” (Which is honestly a pretty accurate CliffsNotes for the health care plan, so you’re welcome.)

The photos practically Photoshopped themselves. (I mean, they didn’t, but you get where I’m going with this.)

Let this be a lesson to everyone: this is what happens when you make everyone sit through a boring powerpoint presentation. Do not make the same mistake, or you will suffer the same Photoshop consequences.

Also, maybe don’t take health care away from lower-income Americans, I dunno!

What do you think?


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