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Patrick Stewart Reveals That He Uses Marijuana Products Every Single Day

Medical marijuana’s ever-changing status in the United States has been well documented. Though it is now legal in many US states, it remains a divisive issue in the country. Indeed it was only on Wednesday that Attorney General Jeff Sessions, who has been a consistently vocal critic of the recreational use of marijuana, went further still in his disapproval of the drug, casting doubt over those who use medical marijuana.

“I think medical marijuana has been hyped, maybe too much” said the Attorney General, “Dosages can be constructed in a way that might be beneficial, I acknowledge that, but if you smoke marijuana for example, where you have no idea how much THC you’re getting, it’s probably not a good way to administer a medical amount. So forgive me if I’m a bit dubious about that.”

The health implications of smoking marijuana recreationally are still very much open to debate and many countries still class the drug as illegal, including Patrick Stewart’s native Great Britain. The X-men actor, though, has come out in vocal support of some cannabis-based products that he has used in his personal life.

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