Parents Love This $27 Dyson Vacuum For Kids That Actually Cleans The Floor

Kids love to copy what adults are doing by using toys, so why not give them toys that would make the life of their parents’ a little bit easier? We are pretty sure that all parents would love to see their kids finally cleaning up after themselves, and there’s a solution for that – a functional toy vacuum.  So why not treat your child and yourself to one on the upcoming holiday season?

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Toy manufacturer Casdon created a direct replica of the life-size Dyson Ball Vacuum for the little ones. It allows kids to pretend acting like adults around the house and also learn to do chores in a fun way.

However, the toy isn’t just for mimicking vacuuming the floors, it actually has a working suction. So children can really clean up their little mess around the house and maybe their parents’ too!

The vacuum comes in bright colors and is accurate to a real vacuum down to every detail. And what kind of vacuum would it be if it had no sound? So, of course, it comes with a realistic sound and also ‘twist & turn’ movements, to make little helpers feel like they are actually doing something important.

While parents love to have clean floors for their kids to play on without actually having to clean them, there are a few more benefits to this toy vacuum.

According to the manufacturer, the toy encourages the development of skills like hand-to-eye coordination, helps to understand cause and effect, the maneuverability of the toy develops problem-solving and motor skills, independent play encourages exploration and discovery.

The toy has 3.8 out of 5 stars on Amazon with many reviews claiming how good of a toy it is and how their kids love it, however, some parents said they had issues with durability and expressed disappointment about the toy not being as efficient in vacuuming as they expected.

The toy is 25 inches (63cm) high and is powered by 4xC batteries. You can get it on Amazon for $27.

While many people love the idea of this toy

Some expressed disappointed of it not being that efficient at vacuuming

What do you think?

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