Painter Learned To ‘Photograph Dreams’ And The Resulting Artwork Is Horrifying

I happen to be one of those people whose dreams are incredibly mundane. My dreams range anywhere from doing the food shopping, to getting up for work and taking a shower. From which I wake up, get up for work and take a shower. Exciting, huh?! Sometimes I wonder if I’ll ever get to dream about fun stuff, like slaying a dragon or meeting Scarlett Johansson.

After looking through the work of Polish painter Zdzisław Beksiński, it’s clear that not everyone’s dreams are as mundane as mine. In fact, it would appear that some people’s dreams are downright terrifying, Beksiński included. Sadly, Beksiński is no longer with us, since he died aged 75 in 2005. However, before his death, Beksiński described his work by saying: “I wish to paint in such a manner as if I were photographing dreams.”

Beksiński’s work has been described as dystopian surrealism, and I can think of no better way to label the end of the world scenarios present in his work. If you’ve ever had a blood curdling nightmare, then the following examples of his work may call a little too close to home.

1. The ghost and the horse

2. Crawling creepily

3. Spaghetti nightmares

4. Skeleton hugs

5. The house party

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