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Pack your bags and don’t forget to bring some catnip. The next…

Pack your bags and don’t forget to bring some catnip. The next Geyser of Awesome Field Trip is headed to the Hawaiian island of Lanai where we’ll find the Lanai Cat Sanctuary. It’s a feline wonderland that’s currently home to nearly 500 contented cats. Also knowns as the “Furr Seasons,” the non-profit sanctuary provides food, shelter, healthcare, adoption, and spay/neuter services for all of their feline residents.

“The spacious, 25,000 square-foot-enclosure features things that felines love—there are cubicles for sleeping, “pallet palaces” for hiding, large irrigation pipes for playing, as well as kitty-climbing jungle gyms. Accompanying the man-made additions are bushes, long grasses, and plenty of trees for the cats to exercise their basic instincts.”

The Lanai Cat Sanctuary is open to the public, so if you’ve ever wanted to hang out with 500 happy cats all at once, this is the place for you.

Visit the Lanai Cat Sanctuary website for additional information.


Photos by Svetlana C. via TripAdvisor, dmm_artist via TripAdvisor, Dingo84 via TripAdvisor, and Johnny V. via TripAdvisor respectively.

[via My Modern Met]

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