'Overwatch': These Things Have Already Become Fan Canon

There is plenty to explore in the Overwatch universe, but sometimes, it’s just a little more fun to slow down, stare at the clouds, and ponder for a minute which of these steel-nerved characters might be, like, BFFs, you know? And so, here are five pieces of Overwatch headcanon that the fans have somehow already decided are fact!

Soldier 76 is everyone’s adorable dad

overwatch canon 76

Beneath that gruff exterior and the super dope threads, you just KNOW there’s a bottomless well of dad jokes begging to be mined. This is the type of guy that would ask how monkeys get down the stairs and without missing a beat and yell “THEY SLIDE DOWN THE BANANISTER” in your face before demanding a high five and doing it way too hard.

D.Va is every gaming stereotype ever

overwatch canon dva

This was such popular headcanon that it became straight-up canon with the recent addition of the “Game On” emote. We knew D.Va is a gamer, obvs, but her predilection for Mountain Dew and Doritos was widely speculated. I personally see her as a Jolt Cola girl, though, a la Angelina Jolie in Hackers, because if there’s anything that movie got 1000 percent on the money, it’s computer culture.

Ana is terrifyingly overprotective

overwatch canon ana

It’s not a huge stretch to think that a healer would, you know, heal people, but it’s the fiercely protective Mother Hen part that makes this one fun. Ana is definitely not only packing lunches with notes, but also storming the school at every mention of the word “bully”. HOW’S THAT TRANQ DART, TROY?

Reaper is basically Hot Topic come to life

overwatch canon reaper

Look at this morose-lookin’ motherf*cker. Reaper looks like he sprang fully formed from a mall reading Jhonen Vasquez and wearing pants with oh Lordy SO many straps and buckles. He still loves HIM, to be sure, but he’s just like also really good at killing now.

McCree is not only a badass gunslinger, he’s also a Catholic priest


How dope would this be, though? In a very specific headcanon, one Tumblr user suggested that McCree was an ordained Catholic priest prior to all the shenanigans and goings-on. Imagine how cool those services would be! It really gives new meaning to “pew pew”, AMIRITE FELLAS?!

Do you think D.Va says “GG” or “GG EZ” after obliterating her hapless foes? (If this is a fair and just world, it’s the former.) Let me know on Twitter!

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