Ööloom, Animal-Powered Sleeping Kit

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Ööloom—the least serious sleeping brand—has created a revolutionary product for all the sleepyheads around the world—a Slumberjack’s Toolbox.

The toolbox consists of a sleeping mask that uses the ancient powers of wild animals to supercharge your dreams and a dream journal to keep track of your adventures in the Night-o-Sphere. It is a perfect gift for anyone who loves to sleep, nap, travel or wear unconventional clothing when out and about. The sleeping mask is affixed to your handsome face using BST (bendy string technology), more commonly referred to as the humble rubber band.

Be a responsible sleeper and get yourself, or a fellow insomniac, a proper Sleeping Kit. If you’re quick enough, you could have the kit in your firm & warm embrace before Christmas! All sleeping accessories (there are socks, too) are available on Ööloom’s Indiegogo crowdfunding page, so make sure to visit the project and support something as important as sleep.

?Ööloom, Animal-Powered Sleeping Kit

?Ööloom, Animal-Powered Sleeping Kit

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