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On Surreal Sunday we watch Dave Issac, a sheep and cattle farmer…

On Surreal Sunday we watch Dave Issac, a sheep and cattle farmer in East Sussex, England herding his flock with a car that he transformed into a giant sheep dog.


The sheepdoggo car is named Floss. Issac created her in tribute to his family’s beloved sheepdog of the same name who’d recently passed away.

He spent £2,000 covering the family car in fur and modifying it until it became an exact replica of Floss, his favourite sheep dog. Floss the sheep dog car, who has a top speed of 40mph, soon proved to be a surprisingly effective herder as the flock of sheep failed to notice they were being rounded up by a much larger animal with headlamps for eyes and an exhaust.

Sadly, Floss the car is too big for Issac to store in his barn nor is she permitted to be driven on actual roads, so the family has decided to auction her off on Ebay.

“They were things we didn’t really consider when we built her so with a heavy heart she is going on E-bay. It’s been a lot of fun and she handles well, is obedient and nice and docile and surprisingly aerodynamic. But its back to the tried and tested traditional skills of the sheep dog again. As long as she goes to a good home I’ll be happy.” he said.

[via The Daily Mail]

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